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As you participate in Online Sprints, you'll level up to new ranks and earn badges. Along the way, you'll gain access to new channels and earn goodies.


At the start, you're a Serf (🔨 ). You've not yet written with us, but you've taken a great first step by being here.


Your first Online Sprint earns you Acolyte (🕯️) status access to our Threads, where you can trade ideas with fellow writers, and to our Specialty Sprints, where you can work alongside writers in specific genres.


10 Online Sprints = Minstrel (🤹 ). You now have access to The Buddy System, where you can set up writing sessions at times other than those offered for Online Sprints, and our Fireside Chats, where experts answer your questions about their craft.


25 Online Sprints = Scribe (✍️). You've unlocked access to our Pitch Perfect category, where writers practice pitching their projects and themselves. You also now have access to Feedbak, our online critique group.


50 Online Sprints = Herald (📣 ). You've unlocked a free month for a friend!


100 Online Sprints = Bard (🧙). We're sending you a bag of Writers Blok coffee!


500 Online Sprints = Master Writer (👑). Congratulations, you now own the place! We kid! But we will send you a Writers Blok mug.

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