Structure, accountability, and community for writers.

"I never knew I could get this much writing done. Or have so much fun doing it."

- Sophie H


Our hourlong Online Sprints will help you build a schedule for your writing practice. 


Each of our Online Sessions is hosted by a Writing Guide, trained to help you set great goals and make real progress.


You won't be doing this alone. You'll write alongside writers facing down the same challenges you are.


Each week, we'll send you a progress report. As you participate in Online Sprints, you'll unlock new ranks & perks.


Our Creative Council of expert writers features Emmy winners and New York Times-bestsellers. You get exclusive access.


“Even though I’m a queen of distractions, my productivity has increased tremendously. This method WORKS!”

- Lindy (Miami)

“Setting aside time to concentrate without distraction has been vital, and so has the sense of community and friendship the sprints bring to writing—something that can often feel like a lonely pursuit. The process has helped rejuvenate me as a writer, for sure.”

- Scott (New York)


“I had a lot going on and I wasn't writing as much as I wanted. Even though it's not nearly as much as I want, I'm so glad to be writing at all! ”

- Rachel (Seattle)