Structure, accountability, and community for writers all over the world.


We host structured writing sessions so writers like you can find accountability and community, no matter where they are.

Each hourlong session is hosted by a working writer at our headquarters in Los Angeles. At the start of a session, you'll fill out a goal for the coming 50 minutes of writing. Then you'll write! What you write is up to you. When time is up, we'll have you report your outcome and give you a question to get you thinking about your writing practice. And then you're on with your day. When the week is done, we'll report your progress to you.

Our sessions start on the hour, every hour on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm PT. Weekends: 10 am to 5 pm PT. That's 76 chances to move your writing forward, every week.

As you participate in sessions, you'll earn ranks and badges that grant you access to other online rooms: places where you can find help and guidance for your writing practice.

It's structure. It's accountability. It's community. It works. And you can try it for free for 14 days.



“The passion for writing has consumed me once again, and even though I’m a queen of distractions, my productivity has increased tremendously. This method WORKS!”

- Lindy (Miami)

“In the few weeks I've been joining these sprints, I've been much more productive in my writing. Setting aside time to concentrate without distraction has been vital, and so has the sense of community and friendship the sprints bring to writing—something that can often feel like a lonely pursuit. The process has helped rejuvenate me as a writer, for sure.”

- Scott (New York)


“These sprints are REALLY helpful! I have a lot going on right now, and I'm not writing much outside of these. Even though it's not nearly as much as I want, I'm so glad to be writing at all during this time. ”

- Rachel (Seattle)


On weekdays, we host 12 Online Sprints starting at 8 am PT and running on the hour, every hour.

Saturday + Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm PT.


We love to gamify the practice of writing. That's why we've created Ranks & Badges that warrant you perks.

When you first sign up, you'll start as a Serf, with access to the upcoming schedule and our Online Sprints.

After your first Online Sprint, you'll become an Acolyte, earning your first badge (🕯️) and access to The Lounge, where you can chat with writers from all over the world, whenever you want.

After ten, you're a Minstrel (🤹): now you can use the Buddy System to schedule a Sprint with a fellow writer, anytime you'd like. You'll also get access to our Resources channel, where we keep exclusive videos from writing experts like Joe Mande (Parks & Rec), Paul Kolsby (Ozark), and Ryan Gattis (All Involved).

25 Sessions = Scribe (✍️) and access to our Pitch Perfect Channel, where you can practice pitching your current projects AND yourself.

50 Sessions = Herald (📣). You can bring a friend for a free day.

100 Sessions = Bard (🧙). We're sending you a T-shirt.

500 Sessions = Master Writer (👑). We're sending you a mug.


Every one of our Online Sprints is hosted by a trained Writing Guide. All of our Writing Guides are working writers themselves.

This is us:

Paul Shirley founded Writers Blok because he hated writing alone and thought there might be others like him. He's had two books published and has written for Slate, The Wall Street Journal, and Esquire.

Jamie Hoang's debut novel, Blue Sun, Yellow Sky, won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Best Adult Fiction. 

Paddy Doheny has written three feature scripts, three original pilots, and a spec or two, all in preparation for the next big opportunity.

Sierra DuCharme-Hansen is a graduate of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's worked as an assistant to television writers and will be a TV writer herself one day.

Nicholas Jackman is a graduate of the University of California-Riverside. He's our resident film buff.


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