Structure, accountability, and community for writers all over the world.


Writers Blok got its start when founder Paul Shirley realized he needed to add accountability and community to his own writing life. 

On Monday evenings, he'd put out wine and extension cords at a friend's sandwich shop that was closed at night. Five years later, Writers Blok got a permanent space in Los Angeles. Two years after that, we realized: we could do more.


We use Discord to run online writing sessions. Each sessions is oriented around the same principles that make the physical version of Writers Blok work: regularity, accountability, and community.

At the start of each hourlong session, you'll fill out a goal for the coming 50 minutes of writing. Then you'll write! What you write is up to you. All we care about is that you come back after 50 minutes to enter an outcome. When that's done, we'll give you a question to get you thinking about your writing practice. And then you're on with your day.

It's structure. It's accountability. It's community. And we know it works.


“The passion for writing has consumed me once again, and even though I’m a queen of distractions, my productivity has increased tremendously. This method WORKS!”

- Lindy (Miami)

“In the few weeks I've been joining these sprints, I've been much more productive in my writing. Setting aside time to concentrate without distraction has been vital, and so has the sense of community and friendship the sprints bring to writing—something that can often feel like a lonely pursuit. The process has helped rejuvenate me as a writer, for sure.”

- Scott (New York)


“These sprints are REALLY helpful! I have a lot going on right now, and I'm not writing much outside of these. Even though it's not nearly as much as I want, I'm so glad to be writing at all during this time. ”

- Rachel (Seattle)