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We're glad to have you as a member! 


Scroll down to read notes on policies, events, and the general rules of the road at Writers Blok.

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1. Schedule

You're eligible to come to five sessions each month


2. Rules

Generally, we try to keep things quiet and meditative in the writing zone of Writers Blok. Please, no phone calls, chatting, or loud food while we're in session. We're happy to have people talking and hanging out in the Lounge area or outside, though. When it comes to the sessions: late arrivals are no problem, but we do hope you'll be mindful (if you do arrive late) that the place gets fairly calm once people get to work. Simply take care as you make your way to a chair. 

We like to say that our sessions are like stories, with a beginning, middle, and end. So, if you come to a session, plan to stay through the end. A big part of what we're doing involves the construction of a writing community, which is aided significantly by our small-group breakouts. If you absolutely must leave a session early, please notify the front desk when you arrive.


For other questions, check out our FAQ/Code of Conduct page.

3. Nametags

Please bring and then wear your nametag whenever you're at Writers Blok. Our "secret sauce" is the community we've built and that starts with people knowing one another's names. We have around 150 members and your contact with some of those members will be intermittent. Our nametags make it easier for people to become familiar with each other.

Each day you come to Writers Blok, we'll stamp your nametag. When you get to...


5 stamps: tote bag

10 stamps: a pass so you can bring a friend to Writers Blok for a session

20 stamps: T-shirt

40 stamps: notebook

100 stamps: your name goes on a blo(c)k!

4. Outside events

Stay tuned to all our events here.

If you have any doubts about our hours, we keep the above Facebook page updated. We're also active on Instagram.


5. The Process

Your membership grants you access to The Process. Please email us at to set up your account.

6. Billing/membership

You've signed up for a recurring membership. If you like what we're doing or if you run out of sessions, we're happy to upgrade or extend your membership.


If you're on a month-to-month plan and:


A) would like to cancel your membership, please let us know at least three days before your next payment date.

B) would like to switch to a six-month commitment, let us know anytime. If this happens within 10 days of signup, we'll refund the difference between the month-to-month and six-month commitment price. 

Either way, email us.

7. The Big Finish

The best way to take advantage of your membership is to, you know, come to Writers Blok! After seven years of this, I know what we're doing works and I'm excited for you to see that in action. 

Thank you for joining!


Paul Shirley

Founder, Writers Blok

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