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We're glad to have you as a member! 


Scroll down to read notes on policies, events, and the general rules of the road at Writers Blok Online.

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1. Schedule

We offer 19 online writing sessions (Online Sprints) every week. You're eligible to come to as many sessions as you'd like.


2. Rules


Please remember that this is an online community. It's also an artistic community. Be kind. Be gentle. Don't be evil. We like to say that our Online Sprints are like stories, with a beginning, middle, and end. So, if you start a session, plan to stay through the end.

3. Getting started

Once you're inside, you'll create a username and a password. Then, you'll be beamed into our server, where you'll be faced with a Welcome page with a slightly longer version of the above rules. When you've read those rules, type !agree in the field at the bottom. You'll then immediately have access to several new rooms and you'll receive a Direct Message from our bot with further instructions.

4. Billing/membership

You've signed up for a recurring membership. If you would like to cancel your membership, please let us know at least three days before your next payment date.

5. The Big Finish

We're glad to have you. Now let's get you started!

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