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A critique group exclusively for Writers Blok members.

Bring pages.

Get targeted critique.

Leave better than when you arrived.

At Feedbak, you'll get specific edits for the project you're working on. But perhaps more important: you'll train your critique muscle such that you're better (and quicker) at editing your own work.


How It Works

You'll bring hard copies of your work to share with the group. During the Feedbak session, you'll read your work aloud while the rest of the group makes notes on the Feedbak critique sheet. When your time is up, everyone will take 3 minutes to compose their notes. Then they'll tell you what they thought.


Prose: 1,500 words

Screenplay: 10 pages

Group size: 5 writers

Saturday, April 11 (3 pm) - TV/Film

Saturday, April 18 (3 pm) - Book/Essay

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