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Writers Blok is built around the philosophy that it is more effective (and more enjoyable) to write in a group setting. Because we foster community and social accountability, attending Writers Blok sessions is inherently a social event.


As such, we have several policies that govern our writing space.




We don’t allow conversation (including phone calls) in the writing space while we’re in session. You are welcome to talk in our Lounge or on our patio.


Upon joining, you’ll be issued a nametag and lanyard. This nametag is your passport to entry AND a way for fellow writers to get to know you. Please wear your nametag when you’re inside Writers Blok. (If you forget your nametag, we’ll issue you a temporary one. And a light dose of shame.)


We don’t expect members to arrive at the exact start time of sessions. If you do arrive late, please take care when making your way to a seat.


We do expect members to stay to the end of sessions. If you must leave early, please notify the front desk upon arrival.


Our membership base counts into the hundreds. Inevitably, some of those members will not be fond of one another. If a fellow member’s behavior goes beyond “annoying” and into “abusive” or “disruptive,” the correct protocol is to email


We’ll then sit down and talk about next steps.


Similarly, if a member has an issue with a Writers Blok guide, with treatment at Writers Blok, or with our emails or social media presence, use the same email address to set up a meeting.






If I’m a member, can I come and go as I please?


Sort of! We’re believers in structure and accountability; that’s why each of our sessions has a beginning and an end. If you’re in our space, we expect you to participate (Sprint sessions: goal-setting; Extended sessions: small-group breakout).


But you’re welcome to put several sessions back-to-back, as your plan allows.


What if I need to leave early?


We understand that our members have lives outside of Writers Blok. If you need to leave before the end of a session, please consult with the Writing Guide who’s behind the desk when you arrive.


Where should I park?


We lucked out. Parking is easy (and free) directly on La Cienega Blvd between 9 am and 4 pm and again after 7 pm. Free two-hour parking is available on La Cienega Avenue and on Alvira St from 8 am – 6 pm. It is unregulated after that. 10-hour metered parking is available on Washington Blvd. Please consult signage. We won't pay your parking tickets.


What can I expect when I arrive?


We’re always staffed and you’ll be greeted at our front desk by one of our friendly Writing Guides. That Guide will stamp your nametag and point you toward the writing space.


Can I pay by the session?


No…and yes. All our memberships are monthly, recurring plans, just like gym memberships. If it’s your first time, you can try a session for $25. (Applies to regular sessions only, Sprint or Extended.)


Can I chat and take phone calls?


Yes! But outside or in our Lounge. We keep our writing area quiet and meditative on purpose.


Do I need to register for a session ahead of time?


As long as you’re a member: nope!


How big is your space?

We have seats for 52 writers. However, we’re almost never full. On certain occasions, Writers Blok may fill up. When that happens, please be a human and make room for others!


Some other general notes:


  • All rewards/prizes are subject to change/availability.

  • We’ll stamp your lanyard once per day.

  • We’d prefer if you’d consume our delightful snacks outside or in the Lounge.

  • Our refrigerator is off-limits to members.

  • If you've got a question, just ask!

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