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Writers Blok brings structure, accountability, and a sense of community to the practice of writing.


We function like a gym or a yoga studio, using a set schedule to help our writers break their projects into bite-sized portions. Writing is like exercise: more effective in small doses and better in a group setting.

We know that writing can be lonely, intimidating, and sometimes, downright terrifying. It doesn't have to be.


We host writing Sprint Sessions that involve a short chalk-talk, a brief goal-setting session, and 50 minutes of writing, followed by a post-writing check-in.​

All our sessions are accompanied by refreshments and healthful snacks, including whole fruits and coffee roasted locally at Bar Nine in Culver City.

For further details, visit our Policies & FAQ page.


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“Writers Blok has been wonderful for my productivity - my friends were stunned when I told them I wrote two pilots and a spec script in a year."

- Cheryl M

"As a small business owner and father of three, the session-based schedule has allowed me to find the time to finish multiple short stories and even map out a novel over the past year. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when the clock is ticking!"

- Jeff O

"It’s not just a place to get my writing done, it’s a place to meet other writers like me."

- Kelly A

"Over the past year, my productivity has gone through the roof! And the free AMAZING coffee, well…I’d join just for that!"

- Cathy H

“I finished the first draft of my first novel at Writers Blok!

- Christin N


Paul Shirley founded Writers Blok because he hated writing alone and thought there might be others like him. He's had two books published and has written for SlateThe Wall Street Journal, and Esquire.

Meg Hughes is a screenwriter dabbling in any genre that she has a good story for. She previously served as Creative Executive at an independent film production company. She finds that helping other writers develop their work has the added bonus of improving her own writing.


Sierra DuCharme-Hansen is a graduate of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television writing.

Nicholas Jackman is a graduate of the University of California-Riverside. He came to Los Angeles to pursue writing and acting.



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